In 1987, A.W. Baylor Versapanel-Plastering, Inc. began building our Versapanel pre-fabricated exterior wall systems at our environmentally controlled manufacturing facility, offering a systemized approach to panelized construction and providing many benefits over traditional precast panels, including quality, schedule control, value and superior performance. The ultimate goal of all design professionals is aesthetically pleasing, quality structures, constructed in a cost efficient manner. With our experienced personnel, a panelized approach to your project, regardless of its location or complexity, can provide uncompromising quality and value. Using innovative, cost effective procedures, assures better control of the construction phase. We can provide the ideal solution to your next design challenge.

Design Flexibility

Panel fabrication is accomplished under controlled environmental conditions, eliminating concerns for inclement weather, scaffolding, and potential damage by other trades.

Scheduling Control

Panelization significantly reduces the time required to install an exterior wall assembly on a given project. This inherent benefit comes from the ability to begin panel fabrication well in advance of the structural framing completion. Upon completion of the structural framing, completed panels can be installed in considerably less time than would be required by working with individual elements from scaffolding.


Project designers can be assured that a panelized system can be designed and detailed in a cost effective, code approved manner compatible with any structural system.

Cost Control

The cost of panelized construction varies according to several factors:

  • Structural Requirements
  • Design Considerations
  • Building Type
  • Project Location​​

​​Combining these factors and benefits, the advantages and cost effectiveness of panelization become apparent.